This wonderful Mausoleum is the final resting place of two brothers Major Archibald Douglas Monteath who died in 1842, and James Monteath Douglas who died in 1850.

The Mausoleum which was designed by David Cousin and is 30ft is in need of improvements to both the structure and the overall appearance of the surrounding grounds.

Built for Major Archibald Douglas Monteath who served in the East India Company before returning to Glasgow the Mausoleum has become an established part of the Glasgow skyline. Monteath made his fortune when an elephant carrying precious gems belonging to a Maharajah was captured and ‘relieved’ of its load by him. When he died £1,000 was left to build his monument. There was a shortfall, however the Merchants House gifted the extra land needed and this spectacular mausoleum was built. Based on the Knights Templar Church of the Holy Sepulchre, experts dispute whether it is modelled on the Jerusalem Church or the possibly their Cambridge Church. This 30ft diameter Neo-Norman rotunda has grotesque faces around the doorway and each niched window has a different design. In 1850 Monteath’s brother, James Douglas Monteath of Rosehall and Stonebyres was also interred here.

It is an unusual building, being neo-Norman design in the cemetery that contains predominantly classical monuments.

The images below show not only the detailed design of the Mausoleum but also demonstrate the need for restoration of this important building.

Please support the Friends of Glasgow Necropolis to raise funds to restore the Mausoleum as well as support the long term biodiversity and historic value of this site.

If the amount you wish to donate is not listed on this page then please visit the Donate to a park page, choose Park Fund and type Glasgow Necropolis in the Park field then type "Mausoleum Restoration" in the Why did you want to support this park/city fund? field.