RSPB Scotland Lochwinnoch nature reserve, located in Renfrewshire, is a wildlife haven where visitors can immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of a vibrant wetland landscape. With numerous trails and hides, it offers families a perfect setting to connect with nature and create lasting memories together.

The Lochwinnoch conservation team is responsible for the care of the reserve's species and habitats and is primarily composed of dedicated local volunteers.

To support our volunteers and show our appreciation for their time and effort, we are looking for funding to create a purpose-built space where they can rest, store equipment and a well-deserved cup of tea and a biscuit!

Volunteers are essential to ensuring we can make this wetland reserve, one of the few wetlands remaining in south-west Scotland, as good as it can be!

The reserve currently does not have a dedicated space for our volunteers, who make up the majority of our conservation team. This means that we not only struggle to accommodate groups wishing to volunteer together, but we have no space for volunteers to dry or store their gear, particularly between visits. The latter two points are particularly problematic for volunteers using public transport, which has served as a barrier to volunteering in the past.

Having secured money to build a workshop, we now need funding to fit out the building with facilities that will make volunteering at RSPB Scotland Lochwinnoch nature reserve a more accessible and enjoyable experience – even in the winter!

The funds you donate will go towards providing a kitchen/break-room big enough for larger groups, with heating and running water. This room would allow volunteers to escape from the weather, have a warm/cold drink, have some food, and interact with other volunteers. Your donations will also provide a much-needed drying room for wet gear, as well as lockers to allow volunteers to leave personal property somewhere safe between visits/while working on the reserve.

Having higher quality, safer, more accessible volunteer facilities for those wanting to undertake practical conservation work will make volunteering accessible to a wider range of people, resulting in more volunteers at the reserve. This in turn will enable us to undertake more important habitat work to help conserve and improve this wildlife haven for both nature and people. The UK’s greenspaces are often small and fragmented, so looking after what remains has never been more important.

If we are not successful in raising the full amount required for this work, all donations will be directed towards helping our conservation efforts at RSPB Scotland Lochwinnoch nature reserve.

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