MyParkScotland is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered Scottish charity (No. SC045424). All fees we take go towards covering our operating and development costs. There are also some third party fees that we have to pay for using PayPal and JustTextGiving to process your donations. We work hard to keep our fees as low as possible to make sure the maximum amount from each donation is invested in the projects and parks you want to support.

Donation Fee – each donation made through MyParkScotland is subject to a 5% fee through for international donations this could be higher.

Processing fee – Stripe typical processing fee is 1.4% + 20p

For donations without Gift Aid, at least 92% of your donation is invested in parks. Adding Gift Aid typically means that your online donation of, for example, £10 becomes a park investment of £11.53 (after paying platform and management fees).

You can find out more about what happens to your donation in The Small Print