Company Information

MyParkScotland is an independent registered Scottish Charity (No. SC045424) and a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in Scotland (No. 497289). Read more

The Small Print

MyParkScotland provides a safe and easy way for everyone who loves Edinburgh, Falkirk and Glasgow’s greenspaces to support our treasured parks. Read more

Our Story

MyParkScotland is an exciting project, to help people support their local parks. Read more


Meet the MyParkScotland Board members Read more

Project Ideas

There are a range of projects large and small that groups can fundraise for in their parks and greenspaces... Read more

Why MyParkScotland

MyParkScotland is unique. We want to help people discover and support their local parks, but also provide a method of funding park improvements and longer term investments. Read more


Join one of the many Friends of Parks groups working across Scotland to improve parks and greenspaces Read more

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The difference we make

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